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The new IPHE is being delivered. The CLARITY team carried out the last phase of its mission, the acoustic reception measurement campaign.

​The new building with functions of Business Incubator and Center is described as a major place for innovation and growth of young companies in the cluster of the Paris-Saclay campus ecosystem. The building is signed by Ignacio Prego Architectures.

CLARITY's mission begins in 2018 after being appointed as the project management acoustician, for which we will carry out studies and monitoring for more than three years. The site is soon finished, we were able to carry out reception measurements and check that the building's acoustic objectives were met.

Objectives: During the acceptance measurements we ensured that all the points concerning acoustics comply with regulatory requirements as well as with the requirements of the HQE Sustainable Building standard.

Internal acoustics: We measured the reverberation times of all types of premises, both in the event area (auditorium), in café / coworking spaces, or in office areas, laboratories, etc. . The reverberation time is measured using a pulse source in the room tested, by measuring the decrease in sound level using a sound level meter. We were thus able to ensure that the quality of the internal acoustics of the spaces matched their use.

Airborne sound insulation: We checked the acoustic performance of the facades, by measuring the sound insulation against airborne noise from the outside. We have also measured airborne noise insulation between premises, for example between adjoining offices, meeting rooms, coworking and event area, etc.

Impact levels: The impact noise levels, allowing to characterize the impacts on the floors when walking, were also measured between levels and also between vertical joint rooms. To test the shock noise levels we use a shock machine which consists of 5 hammers which each strike the ground with the same intensity and at regular intervals. Positioned on the ground in the emission room, we receive the sound level produced in adjoining spaces using a sound level meter.

Equipment noise: Equipment noise generated in the premises by ventilation, as well as the noise emitted outside from technical rooms have been rigorously controlled. The aim is to ensure that no nuisance is perceived in areas accessible to the public but also vis-à-vis the neighborhood, day and night.

To characterize the noise levels of outdoor equipment, we carry out a first measurement with the equipment in operation, then a second measurement with the equipment off. The differential allows us to characterize any emergence and any necessary adjustments to be made on the technical installations.

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