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CLARITY provides bespoke acoustics and vibration solutions by working closely with the design team.
Broadly speaking, we work in the following areas:

Architectural acoustics

Airborne sound insulation
Impact sound insulation
Room acoustics
HVAC noise

Room acoustics

Room acoustics criteria
Geometric and spatial study
Selection and arrangement of acoustic materials
Calculations and 3D modelling


Vibration assessment
Prediction of vibration noise levels
Anti-vibration solutions design


Sound system design
Calculations and 3D modelling

Environmental acoustics

Noise measurement
Noise assessment
Sizing of mufflers and screens
Calculations and 3D modelling

Construction noise

Noise & vibration assessment
Definition of monitoring systems
Noise specifications on construction equipment
Technical assistance

Our approach

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the project
2Requirements analysis
3Assessment of
site conditions
4Defining criteria
and targets
5Calculation of
acoustic performance
6Proposition of
constructive solutions
8Site visits
9Pre-completion testing

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